The Flaming Forest

One day a wizard was walking in the woods when he saw a super cute squirrel, so he used his magic to give the squirrel the power of speech.

“Hello,” said the squirrel, “Why is your hat so pointy and dumb? Also I hate your beard.”

The Wizard tried to cast fireball but the squirrel was too fast and he kept missing. Soon the whole forest was on fire! (The wizard didn’t cast rain because that’s a 5th level spell and he was only level 4).

By the time the villagers put out the fire all the trees had burned down and all the animals (including the squirrel) were dead.

“What happened?” asked the mayor.

“Oh, I um, saved you all from, a horrible monster!” said the wizard.

“Do you mean that annoying squirrel who’s always rude to everybody?” asked the mayor.

“Yes.” said the Wizard

Everyone agreed it was totally worth it.

The flaming forest

Art by Miranda Britton

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