The Wizards Who Were Also Puppies

It’s true that most wizards are humans, but wizards can also be cool things. There have been wizard alligators, wizard kangaroos, and even wizard amoeba (which is where glitter comes from). 

Probably the wizards everyone liked the best were the wizards who were also puppies. There were six of them all born at the same time from the same mommy dog’s tummy. Just like all wizards, nobody knows why they got born or where their magic came from. They just came out with pointy hats and cute puppy eyes and everyone fell in love with them. 

They were quite a handful around the house, making bones appear everywhere and chasing their tails into other dimensions. Once they all saw a squirrel at the same time, and they made all the trees on the street fall down so they could get to it. This crushed a lot of houses and even some kids, which is why they had to be put down.

Just kidding! Everyone loved them way more than the kids who weren’t even magic. Besides, one of the kids was kind of a jerk, so it was basically considered a wash. They let the puppies live but decided they should maybe try to curtail their behavior in case they ended up crushing someone people liked. 

They hired people-wizards to build magical fences, but the puppies just dug or flew over them. Next, they tried casting sleep, but the puppies only took five-minute naps and then went back to raising hell. Finally, it was decided that the wizards would have to cast a spell to make the puppy-wizards grow into adult dogs so they would calm down, or at least people wouldn’t feel so bad about putting them to sleep. 

That worked! The now-dog-wizards were super helpful and fetched newspapers and helped people carry their parcels and stuff. Also, they were still pretty cute. The people-wizards even made it so at night they turned back into puppies and slept in a big pile, which was so cute it would make your heart melt right out of your chest. Seriously, it was a problem and a lot of people died that way at first. After about a week, the people-wizards made special glasses so you could watch it like an eclipse. 

So, except for the people whose hearts melted or got crushed, it was a pretty happy ending.

Art by Miranda Britton


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