Snake Stew

One time this wizard named LeCrux invited all his friends over for Snake Stew. When the friends showed up they were all holding big spoons and wearing plastic bibs with pictures of snakes on them. 

“What time will the stew be ready?” asked an especially hungry wizard.

“I brought both light and dark ale because I wasn’t sure what went better with snake.” said another.

LeCrux just stared at them with his mouth wide open. That’s when everyone finally looked around and noticed all the balloons and streamers. There was also a big banner that said “Happy Birthday Stewart” over a chair made to look like a throne. There was a snake on the throne wearing a tiny party hat, and his mouth was also hanging wide open. 

“You know, you could have been a bit more specific in your invitation.” said one of the wizards.

“I hope you’re still planning on making sandwiches or something.” said the hungry wizard from earlier. 

“Happy Birthday Stew!” shouted another wizard, hoping to change the mood.

“You know I usually don’t let people eat me on a first date.” said Snake Stew with a wink, “But let’s crack open those ales and see where the night takes us.”

Everyone laughed and it actually did manage to lighten the mood. They decided to open up both kinds of ale and soon it turned into a pretty wild party. There was even a stew for dinner. It was made with rabbit though, which was Snake Stew’s favorite. Nobody had a problem with that, which just goes to show if you’re going to eat someone for dinner, don’t learn their name first.

Art by Ashley Inglehart whose stuffed bear has a very cute Instagram account


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